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I created this page in honor of the beautiful universal protectors and guardians, the Angels. Since I was a child I have seen angels. They appeared as beings of luminous rainbow light with orbs and bubbles sparkling around them. They came to me many times. I inherited my claircognizance gift from my grandmother and my cousin Lynn. 

 In 2016, I saw an angel appear beside me as I was sitting in the bathtub.  A golden apparition with white wings gently fading from view in a matter of seconds. Then, in summer 2017, while visiting my cousin Lynn, I witnessed a band of countless angels floating across the moon in a stream of calming bluish light. I was deeply moved by this experience. I watched in awe standing on her porch. Lynn told me many times of her encounter with an angel named Guardian, standing at the end of her bed, writing in a big book with a white feather pen. He smiled and disappeared. She could see and sense them too, and she revealed to me that she and I share an angelic heritage, our souls originated from the angel star which exists in another galaxy, in another dimension. She gave me a book about Earth Angels, in it was a chapter about the Cosmic Angel. An Angel of the universe come to walk among this world exactly as Lynn had told me we are. There are many kinds of incarnates here now. Indigos, Starseeds, Rainbows, Light Workers, Mystical Travelers. We are here to be examples of Oneness and Universal Love and Wisdom. To show we are ALL ONE. Before she passed away in January 2018, Lynn told that the room she was in was full of angels. Knowing they were there for her always inspires me. She told me that she wanted me to spread the story of our angel connection. This is my promise and my tribute. Since then, the angels have impressed me to keep going and bring forward these beautiful revelations. This has set in motion my angel journey. Star Blessings. Blessed be. 

I detail my angel messages in the book ‘Warrior Men with Angel Wings’ which I co-authored with spiritual men around the world. More info can be found in my blog, or you can contact me for more info. 

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The Angels are standing by, Blessed be

Aiwen, Cosmic Angel 333


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