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Welcome. My name is Aiwen. This spiritual name was given to me through a psychic in 2014. It means ‘Bringer of the Rays, One who brings the rays to earth from the sky.’ This pertains to my path as a Cosmic Angel. One of the many waves of indigo type souls coming in at these times. A type of mystical light worker, A soul with a divine mantle to go where needed most in the universe to spread the light.

All my life I have had a deep connection to the universe, energy, and spirit. I awakened at an early age, Embarking on many inner quests, and overcame immense obstacles in the decades since. I am a spiritual witness, experiencer, and communicator. I work as a crystal in the light that creates the prisms, rays of sacred light which ignited the souls inner rainbow-like clear open consciousness, that is the path of the light worker.


Every step of the way, my chart unfolded, I grew and gained wisdom. Pure wisdom of mind body soul universe. I studied and researched ancient spiritualtiy and how it is dawning again in the new age, I felt compelled to bring this wisdom with me in my quest.

I learned about light work and realized I had been utilizing much of its essence already and it came naturally. So, I put into into practice. I faced my light being within. I began learning at 10, I embarked on my journey at 25, and started teaching what I was given when I was 30. In that time, I was an apprentice to a shaman healer for 5 years, learning the paths of natural magic and energy and the elementals. I also learned a great vast of wisdom from Master Intuitive Sylvia Browne, and it was in those lessons where I awakened even more to my truth, my voice, my path. The universe spoke through me, and from then on would lead me.

I realized I was being truly guided by a higher force, a light, divinely lit within and in all, and a muse that resonates within my soul to keep going, keep shining. That is my message to all of you. Keep going, keep shining. Tap into the divine wave. Seek for your light path, your star origins, your inner patterns. I am here to help illuminate the muse. We create a powerful light together. My guides have lead me to the universal truth that Oneness is the key to the universe. An awakening universe.


(A drawing I did in the jungles of Thailand, The Angels hallowed nature and its healing energy)

As a child I used to say to myself “I wish my life was spiritual”, thinking I needed a science fiction type reality to make my life spiritual, not realizing, one day, that I would look back, in great amazement, knowing it was ALL spiritual, it was ALL multidimensional. All along I was guided and witnessing a new paradigm of energy. I had one spiritual happening after another. Leading me the whole way through my path. NOW, I am here. Ready, Awakened, Answering my calling. To assist in awakening others to their dream. Your dream is your mission. 

In 2012, I had a powerful dream about a symbol on a desert stone. I awoke and drew the symbol for future reference. Months later, I had the privilege of asking world renowned spiritual teacher and pioneer psychic Sylvia Browne about this dream symbol. She told me it was a past life connection.


Sylvia Browne told me that it was a personal prophecy for me, stating that one day I would find this symbol once more, it would appear on my journey. Years later, in 2018, to my great amazement, the symbol appeared to me as a petroglyphs on a rock in a Canyon in Death Valley desert in California. The symbol returned. Just as she had predicted.

I inherited my intuitive psychic sight, a gift from my grandmother and my cousin Lynn, my best friend of 22 years. My grandmother had the gift of psychic dreams, she also taught me a special way of praying by asking for signs through the bounty of nature around us to deliver an answer. Lynn had the gift of  claircognizance, which she and I share. An inner knowing that comes from the universe.


Lynn changed my whole life, she opened the door to my souls true growth. She revealed all the metaphysical concepts and showed me how everything interlocks. With Lynn I witnessed miraculous experiences which elevated my awareness and abilities to the divine source energy of the universe. I became re-connected to the divine presence through her love and inspiration.

Lynn told me many times of her encounter with an angel named Guardian, standing at the end of her bed, writing in a big book with a white feather pen.

In summer 2017, while visiting Lynn, I witnessed a band of countless angelic beings floating across the moon in a stream of calming bluish light. I was deeply moved by this experience. She told me about the mission she and I shared as psychic blood, and gifted me a book called Mystical Traveler by Sylvia Browne, which became the book which ignited my time for awakening. That is when it all made sense, the paths just aligned totally. The dominos all aligned percisely into my soul, and I saw the sacred symbol reveal. It was an ancient muse that spoke to me. In my soul. The voice was my own, and I now speak with that voice. The cosmic shepard in the meadow. That is who I saw in my soul staring back at me. I surrendered to my divine energy, and my true voice. This is what started my spiritual quest with the angels. All those years of learning and experiences with the divine nature around me lead me to this road.

Lynn taught me about soul journeys, astral worlds, inner voyages, spiritual guidances, and she helped me remember these were within me all along. She and I psychically connected to the sacred symbols and designs of the cosmos all around. And she left me with such a powerful gift. How could I ever repay such Beautiful and universal truth?


Sylvia and Lynn have since crossed over to the other side but they are still at work in my life and the world. From one shore to another, I will follow the light they illuminated into my life. I go forward with the messages of sacred light they helped channel into my life, into the word. It is my mission to spread messages of light to the earth. Blessed be.

I detail my angel messages in the book ‘Warrior Men with Angel Wings’ which I co-authored with spiritual men around the world. More insightful angel readings can be found in my blog, or you can contact me for more info.

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Aiwen, Cosmic Angel 333


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